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Bounty Killer Speaks The Problem With Dancehall Today

dancehalls five-star general the ghetto dictionary for people’s governor ghetto gladiator on his birth certificate
Rodney basil Christ known globally as Bounty Killer if I say to you.

CEO Gardens what’s the first memory when
the first memory would be my childhood is when I’m really mastering my musicalcraft car that’s where I really go on

master the craft I learned it in Riverton color a bit but he’s when I really went to see view garden we are
started out with professional artists like boomed and imide

unethical she who is record you notice how he used to be
like artists in Riverton city and we don’t see outside the community so it’s been really see through garden we learn
how to go in our community to come sing and go to studio and the dope leads and our listing and then Java ranked in
success came and he lives down the road and we start to see

bunkie especially Sun all steely and the pretty bands and
the girls coming in and flashy life unlike duck took my bandana said I want that life so you knew father before he was not
that we saw him I never know him to talk you wouldn’t miss Christie son until he become a star that’s when I really met in the

park was a person well we know
him before as a person but not as friend to talk because he never really grew up in senior grew in compound but always
come to and from people who you know you could detail I never knew Cody Jane is a friend of mine named Jeff responsa god
bless his soul are a peach every sponsor his Jeff response our user drama I’m a talkative I was not like I solve every
case have an answer for everything I’m a contractor not a

contractor so are always making up drama by people and I
was winning all the dramas and we was going to advance and back indeed he is ever dance manda slowly Mike and each year you know

after me know my mother’s going to select our cars everybody thought it was a heart is back in the days and being artists is not
mean you’re gonna be a superstar just name a casting a son so everybody used to meet their son