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Patrick Anthony Barrett a veteran on the Jamaican music scene

Patrick Anthony Barrett a veteran on the Jamaican music scene you know him as Tony rebel the guerrilla. DJ I'm having a wonderful relationship with...

Tania Stephens Speaks about music career

Jamaican singing sensation she is Lavigne Stevenson you may know her as Tanya Stevens or simply Tanya welcome thank you for having me how...

Lieutenant Stitchie Talks about turning his life over from reggae artiste to gosple singer

lieutenant stitching tell me about christianity for you and how you got there well I don't know if I could describe it as Christianity because...

Michael Bennett he is dubbed the Quincy Jones of reggae

Mikey Bennett, he is dubbed the Quincy Jones of reggae he is a singer-songwriter extraordinaire Mikey let's get right into your songwriting. Career was my...

3 Men Shot, 2 Fatally as Arnette

The Police Killed Them! Arnette Gardens residents mourn 3 Men Shot, 2 fatally. Three men were shot, 2 fatally in the Arnette Gardens community...

Dean Frazer Jamaican saxophonist

Ivanhoe Fraser Jamaican saxophonist who has contributed to hundreds of reggae recordings since the mid-nineteen seventies holdin this love of music start I guess it...

Turbulence Reggae Artiste talk about his share of the culture.

Sheldon Campbell who you know as turbulence I'm reading your bio which is posted online and it says that you were discovered in 1999 I...

Bounty Killer Speaks The Problem With Dancehall Today

dancehalls five-star general the ghetto dictionary for people's governor ghetto gladiator on his birth certificate Rodney basil Christ known globally as Bounty Killer if I...

Keiva Hibbert one of jamaica greatest dancer

dancer extraordinaire and entrepreneur Keiva Hibbert aka Kiva the diva tell me how did you get started dancing it's a long story all right first...