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Clive hunt Jamaican reggae multi-instrumentalist

Jamaican reggae multi-instrumentalist arranger composer and producer Clive hunt hardly ever leaves the studio
record producer Winston 90 Holness who is really Winston 90 Boswell and also an ethnomusicologist.

dr. Dennis Howard so of course we start by describing what is reggae one of the most enduring popular music out of
Jamaica we have a series of genres that we call Jamaican popular music and reggae would come I see it would have,

been the fourth genre that we developed because we started with mento then we did Rocksteady and we mentioned we
should mention a biggie and then reggae so and reggae is a derivative of the different pop Jamaican popular music

that came before it and influences from outside of Jamaica primarily from the Caribbean and also North America and and
to some extent over the Atlantic in in in Britain because of the department and the way black music from African
diaspora influenced the music of of England and America and in terms of its stylistic yeah how do you identify yeah
well here it that this is very gay well reggae one what wanting is the the signature the signature is kind of

different from the regular pop zone it is a syncopated signature that means it’s more irregular it’s not the the
four for orientation that we know from regular pop music and there’s also the the guitar and the piano are played
and the different accent up those instrument that makes it a unique jam you can experience same description for
you play well you know this to here is where the last part is description it’s mostly that’s what I would say except
for the syncopation.

but syncopation reggae doesn’t have any syncopation that make it up that identify it as a music Dennis and I
had this discussion before I guess we forget forget it but the other description we made about the accent or accent drops different from regular.

popular music and western music I’m saying but they in terms of the Occident the accents that falling as to do with a
particular song and if a song require an accent yes or no I’m saying but in other way in other words the last part the
first part about the we’re derived from the different mixture of musical genre agree somewhat what the last description
accent rather so number of Jamaicans