Home Entertainment Dancehall duo RDX speak about there side of helping the culture

Dancehall duo RDX speak about there side of helping the culture

dancehall duo RDX Carlton renegade Williams and Andres Delamar bed wood yesterday we congratulated coffee on her
Grammy win but you think dancehall should have its own Grammy category that is long overdue and I mean that’s our
music in itself supposed to be only a long time ago because you have that some people are missing most of the people.

who understand how this gamma ting work and this gamma thing is some six or 7000 people voting on things that
eighteen years are listening to you know sometimes they do I don’t know what’s popular we didn’t you think you know me
so you’ll find the top dancehall artist in terms of everything not getting any Grammy nomination I thought let me get.

nominated so I’ve looked panda Bettina as well to have a look on the process is not that darn sign of a virtue I reggae
music I forgot you never get on that platform got you know yesterday you.

spoke about RDX getting together as friends more like family does that mean therefore that you haven’t had any
disagreements we are two creative people so sometime when we create well got disagreement something but we always
look upon his what base for RDX look I have really giddy up dilemma and then you have RDX so even look old forget some you know.

coach RDX so we always make sure I say everything what were in DC general comic it suggests RDX huh I’m gonna have ego
and mindfully ego you know someone strategy got my weaknesses ego so I don’t know anything but if you keep it together for so long.

antic about by effort patience and dedication I respect each other and I don’t know you’ve had a number of
chart-topping songs tell us some of them shake your bumbum so good um anova manova cuts righty rod rod Oh John John dance nobody died.

but it on the on Siddhartha Center Skippy I’m that are in Duggar Gerwin record some local journalism well.

alright then so it is 2020 you’ve been working on new material Snoop Dogg just shared your nude video that’s for the
sick good son good video to reach 1 million views in mu so unless that is a budget if a big lot of friends and,

viewers the minute that I’m is it right right now watching me I’m sucks lastly.