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Dean Frazer Jamaican saxophonist

Ivanhoe Fraser Jamaican saxophonist who has contributed to hundreds of reggae recordings since the mid-nineteen
seventies holdin this love of music start I guess it was started in trench town where I grew up to see so many great singers and
musicians around you know they Alton Alice Bob Marley – you know Delroy Wilson all these people and you know all these people did work them not sing then.

and it was something for you to catch on to you know I’m like joy eggs you know them wanna Second Treatise I sing all night and I just want it to be somebody
like that you know I wanted to like I just wanted to sing too and and play an acoustic guitar – and you know it was it was something that I.

just want I wanted to do but then it was a time that all of this creative expression was taking place and what it was not yet glamorous so what made a boy
in trench town want to do what Bob did want to do what Delroy Wilson is doing the the thing is that I also I used to do the 10 o’clock Martin is that are.

terrible and you had live bands playing in between film and I had a chance to see the scatter lights and tomahawk and
SuperSonics and all these create musicians you know so when my aunt sent me to learn to play you know I
you know I just wanted to start to play and be one of these guys you know it it it was it just looked exciting to me personally where did you go to learn.

Johnstone I used to walk up to Johnstone in the evenings that no Street and learn,

to play and what were you learning to play clarinet and of course you know you’re involved from the sort of
saxophones what is a clarinet I started on who had the instruments the national volunteers and a little money be able
Brian you know taught us to play their teacher quite a few of us mean amber cheek or very Calvin McKenzie quite a
few I was learning I used to perform