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Krystal Call it quits with Beenie Man.

By T. Watson

Kystal Tomlinson and Moses Davies a.k.a Beenie Man have called it quits after five years of being romantically involved.

They both took to Instagram to express their feelings. Beenie Man caption ‘Moving Forward’ and Krystal’s ‘Five Years and Folding’ confirms the split.

She further stated:

Part of growth is knowing when things have come to an end.

Knowing not to force it. Knowing to let it be. Leaving while there is love and not waiting until it is dry, empty and full of animosity.

Knowing to choose peace and trusting that all things work together for our good.

I’ve remained silent for a while on this question not to keep a secret but to get clear, certain and centered.

I am clear. I am certain. I am centered.

This chapter on love, written with love, is closed.

Beenie Man was rather less emotional in his post and was criticized by fans who have long suspected that things have not been goin well for the two.

They both share two-year-old daughter, Xiah Amina.