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Turbulence Reggae Artiste talk about his share of the culture.

Sheldon Campbell who you know as turbulence I’m reading your bio which is posted online and it says that you were discovered in
1999 I don’t know I find that interesting because oh yeah you get discovered you weren’t here before well give thanks.

one Prius well I felt and strength you know I would say the word discover a lack of a better word you know mean like
them just it just come to the knowledge say I’m a talented artist okay and they say by Philip fatties forum boreal God.

rest his soul true no fewer is watching who may not for whatever reason be familiar with fatties who is mr. Philip what is Burrell
exterminate a CEO and producer the producer brought to you sizzla Luciana cocoa tea Prince Malik I just to name a few.

Then turbulence the future coluan ruin lion you know would you say that he made a great contribution to the industry in
my views personally he made the greatest contribution in a circus I had a raw talent just wanted to become a part of.

The industry not even really knowing the aspect of it and nothing at all not even knowing that the mathematical things of
writing bars together in an essay so some producer does call himself producer because one can put them serve them,

songs online and sale and put it on credit cards and all those things but it was a world-class producer in the sense
that he came into the studio listen every line of the song every beat every melody say if you have one song singing.

I had to do like one son 10 times a week for to get that thing that he likes and what he likes I come to August and that what he likes.

Is what I like no you know what this is a great producer and my condolences to his family and for instance what is your,

greatest memory my greatest memory is it might sound even cheesy but my greatest memory of the whole thing is flying out
for the first time and singing for the people of Chile that that was my first time going on the ioan bird you know it
was your fastest wins