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Lieutenant Stitchie Talks about turning his life over from reggae artiste to gosple singer

lieutenant stitching tell me about christianity for you and how you got there well I don’t know if I could describe it
as Christianity because I would say that I am a Christian and I’m not a Christian I remember I was asked a question the
very first time that I got see it you know when I was being interviewed overseas in the States and its own that paradoxical you know you’re saying that.

you’re not but after I explained you probably get a different picture a clearer picture of what I mean based on the definition mm-hmm according to the.

Oxford expedition dictionary mm-hmm a Christian is a follower of Christ and I am a follower of Christ mm-hmm but
based on the religiosity of Christianity I am NOT explained Christianity started in 1200 AD yeah and it when I when I
when I read the scripture I see that the name Christian is only used in the scripture three times and each time it.

is used derogative Li in first firstly in acts 11 verse 26 when it says you know they were first called Christians
in Antioch it was used to ridicule them you know because they were first called a few even before that and then uh after
in acts 26 first level it says Paul was being tested and tried by King Agrippa and King Agrippa said to me almost.

persuade me to become a Christian considering that King Agrippa was the person who sent him out to destroy those
who were following Christ you know I mean and he said you almost persuade me to become one that is derogative Lee
because he was a king and he was saying like you know Paul you know this I we really wanna carry me don’t do you know.

another person who give you the are to everything started old and then in first Peter chapter four this is the
third time the third time first Peter chapter four verse 16 when it says if any man suffer as a Christian let him
not be ashamed but we’ve got glory instead know whenever time I hear the word but what is a conjurer.

the conjunction with join two sentences are phrases and statements that precede every time you use the word but the
statement that preceded is always greater than the one that precedes it one that comes after is always greater
than the one before and so it says you know if anyone suffers a Christian you know let it not be ashamed which means
it is referred to as something like if you should feel embarrassed about but don’t worry about that give God glory