Home Entertainment Michael Bennett he is dubbed the Quincy Jones of reggae

Michael Bennett he is dubbed the Quincy Jones of reggae

Mikey Bennett, he is dubbed the Quincy Jones of reggae he is a singer-songwriter extraordinaire Mikey let’s get right into your songwriting.

Career was my entrance into professional music I remember Casey crying I’m connecting this up and in a regular
church it groups but my first years of you know professional thing was really wanted for I wrote some Bach what color.
Arrangement and stuff but you know before her you know I swear to God I thought I was a singer and I wrote this
song and mikage on give it to bug akiza sing I’m saying I never try to talk anything am i sang so it kind of put me.

In my critics PS at the moment what a person’s did hope T for time it was bloody money Leroy Palmer bug a kiss I myself a few
years after that 1986 I remember I remember I did know the toka Kim wrote a man in migrated and the negative hear me and that was the you.

know that was when the group sad to get some more you know street street cred went to Jamison you know that world
setting so we had a sound like the paratime them and stuff with and who she loved with Shaba and coati don’t throw
it all away yeah that’s that was that Jam is spreading rumors that was doing that ear about that was done for go see Clark so
I was working I was writing I was working I go see Clark and at jammies I see at the same time so which one of them you did telephone love there’s.

uncle mercy which is Goss a champion Louisville mmm-hmm was it he wrote songs for Dennis Brown yes several I mean which one two albums
in well the biggest one is that if you want and I did quite a few songs for him on twelve one for go see and we need you
know 12 ohms together when you write for other persons do you take on their persona meaning are you looking at how.

They present and then you write for them yes I know I mean the kids are in the early kids are Dennis Brown I found
myself like I suspect a lot a young writers do trying to write one of the songs that that song like one of the
song that Dennis has done before and he was kindly kind to put it point that I listen give me your thing man her animos.