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Producer Not Nice on His Career & Collabs

producer behind cartel’s romping shop popcorn’s gangster city and some of dance hall’s most
well-loved tracks i’m your host judith badly catching up with ainsley not nice morris young jamaican music producer
extraordinaire and you’ve been doing this since you are in high school yes what professionally 12 years ago so when you were in high school

what were you producing how were you doing it meeting everyone eating bench you know they you know you have school dj so
my school you know macaulay producer kind of else so you started out djing in high school why is he a beat today no i want the dj
everybody have the school dj you know somebody has to be the next video once they need somebody to be with default our class i know what be

they mentioned sometimes t for the teacher big decks have more baseline yes how did you know you wanted to be a
producer at all i know it’s a farm from you this certainly will come from so familiar with because the new stuff on stone you know fearless and you know what it
means to play this song and let me they’ll never i love you if you played kyle you know your brother just look under the records i noticed

the producer name the artist name and the lay of this answer until next developer interest sent me a richard or going to school
still a beauty it’s cool same catching eye mm-hmm so may i say you know i feel like i saw my wonder professionally and
i went to the i.t lab i went online and said oh what do i need to become a producer it’s a book let’s say yeah what kind of food site

it’s like book and i was there with with one of my friends kino parliament he actually bought me a book for my birthday because he went to the
iit level i said all right i gotta read the book and see y’all for tonight and then show a basic student set up like i’m tomorrow more advanced and each of the setups
require a computer my mother to buy me a computer and she did what your moment said did you tell her that it was because you wanted to be a

producer that’s why you want a machine yeah because she she knows the mill of music she was i something i really love so i’m going

to tell i said wanna come with that i said yo he grabbed him off the opponent she never really left the morning bushes and
shout out to a partner and she’ll make a sacrifice and get me a computer you know enough subjects i’m saying all right then but i’m gonna pass our last object then i got past five so i’m gonna pick out five and start doing only let me get the computer