Home Entertainment Roy Gramps Morgan son of well-known reggae artists den Roy Morgan

Roy Gramps Morgan son of well-known reggae artists den Roy Morgan

Roy Gramps Morgan son of well-known reggae artists den Roy Morgan so I’m talking with one of my favorite singers oh and you know my favorite song.

would have so many favorite ones for me but she’s still loving me yeah what’s the many sleepless nights what Graham’s gonna come to the show why.

did you write that song it was leading a song like that they needed to hear from a part of the unit a lot of times the
ego of a man is more promoted you know as you know it is swagga and ego side egotistical side of Amanda pride,

the lion spirit but sometimes the humility to realize when you’re wrong to say I’m sorry you know and there’s not enough songs
that have been written like that to say to your wife by your girlfriend I’m sorry our a woman could actually say the same
thing to our man because relationships I work and sometimes I make mistakes and sometimes some that are not strong.

enough some women are not strong enough to say something like that so in the rather push play so we made that song
for years to come that people can just push play I hear that song said she’s my wife what has the responsibility from women
oh so thankful to say I’m even man you know a long time one shot a woman being my steals heed me well yeah I know that
June it is you know it says it for me cuz a lotta man are you know shy you know a woman is very more expressive as.

I love woman they they’re very the most intelligent creatures on the planet that day they have it all together if you
notice a young woman growing up she’s much more advanced than a man in a man take a while to figure it out and that’s
why it’s important for family that families it’s everything because young men need guidance another time that I.

find it is too many broken horns to be and I’d love to see that few did you write it after quarrel did I write that
song after a while that information is classified no I’m joking Farley my brother PETA came to me one mom and
say y’all listen this honey 100 guitar.