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Tania Stephens Speaks about music career

Jamaican singing sensation she is Lavigne Stevenson you may know her as Tanya Stevens or simply Tanya welcome thank you for having me how are you I’m good you’ve been singing since the 90s the.

1990s you’ve been deejaying since the 1990s how did that come about well I came into music pretty much like every other Jamaican because you know music is a part of us music on an Jamaican kids are like just one on the.

scene we have the Iridium Abita desk in a school and you know just I kind of like finished high school and felt like I needed a break from school which is not sent Wareheim st. Mary high school and I wanted to take a break and the.
break was music I went all just I started our party and actually

feel like I think I might I’m know whatever I agree but many think I may attempt it was relax and hit the party scene and stuff when I ended up on the microphone.

and it was all just in fun ended up on the microphone we’re in a dancer named something day we got to be blunders in
your let me to Mike and he sang over a bunch of other aspiring artiste because they were going to dance and I.

wanted to go to dance like ooh we come from sent me really / everybody want to lead you every I was still one
girl in the in the crew in every crew and just a buncha most people with even that when when I end up in Abby’s I
don’t think anybody ever party I don’t feel any business but you know it was just fun
I’ll tell somebody paid me I don’t know,is that what you can get paid to do this