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Judge Sentence Sevana after Killing Woman in Accident.

Reggae singer Anna Blake, more popularly
known as Sevana, wept as Justice Courtney Daye
prepared to sentence her in the Westmoreland Parish Court.
Sevana pleaded guilty to a death by dangerous driving. She appeared to be nervous as she clasped her hands and closed her eyes as if seeking divine intervention.
Her prayers were shortly answered as the Judge ordered her to pay a $300,000 fine or face two years in prison. She is also banned from operating a motor vehicle until the year 2025.
According to the police report, Sevana was driving a Honda City motor car that collided with a Honda Fit going in the opposite direction. 32 year old, Ordia Cordiel who was a passenger in the Honda Fit, sustained severe injuries and died at the Black River Hospital.
Sevana gained popularity in 2008 when she entered the Digicel Rising Stars Competition as part of the group SLR.
She currently pursues a solo career and is known for singles ‘Mango’ and ‘Man Down’