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MP Phillip Paulwell in Trouble over Gun Disappearance.

"Bring back the gun"

Phillip Paulwell, the leader of opposition Business in the House of Representatives is appealing to the person (s) who stole his licensed firearm to hand it over to the Police immediately. Mr Paulwell state his actions may be seen as negligent but begs to differ, outlining the fact that he had an emergency and his vehicle was broken into. He spoke of that late July evening stating that he had an emergency in the upper st Andrew community of Hope Pastures after dropping off his protection officer a few minutes earlier.

When he came back to his vehicle he noticed that the window was smashed and upon checks realized that the pouch with his firearm was missing. He immediately contacted the police and gave a statement tot the Firearm licensing authority.  With the police investigating the matter, it is a possibility that Mr Paulwell could be charged under Section 74 of the Firearms Act which stipulates that the holder of a firearm license shall ensure that each firearm and ammunition are safely stored. Mr Paulwell insist that the culprits should turn in his firearm in the current gun amnesty which runs from November 5 to 19 as it is a very old firearm which he has owned for over 20 years.